Take note, taking notes is important: did you learn how to?

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Do you take notes in meetings? Or when listening to a presentation or talk?

Not formal minutes, but notes for your own benefit?

How do you take those notes?

Have you ever had any training in note taking? Probably not. If the people who take our Brilliant Thinking course are anything to go by, it’s a skill that is hardly ever taught (or at least, very rarely learned).

Yet if you’re paid to use your mind at work (err, that’s almost all of us) it’s the equivalent of:

– making sure your camera has full batteries, available memory and a clean lens before heading out to take photos at the wedding

– being able to draw a small sketch in 15 minutes that gets across all the meaning and beauty of a scene instead of a bloated canvas with loads of detail but no sense of what’s vital

– crafting and sharpening your own arrows before shooting one through the apple sitting on your fellow worker’s head (excuse that bit of licence with the William Tell story).

This week, we’ll explore what makes note taking such a fundamental skill…

…and why mastering it can transform the impact you make.

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