Ross Pow

I specialise in how communication can be used to shape group thinking and organisational decision-making.

Having either run or advised data-led businesses in areas such as telecoms, publishing and finance, I’ve been able to experience at first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting your ideas across to influence the actions of other people.

Getting people to act on information is not just a matter of setting out logical, rational arguments. To change minds and get consensus on what to do, you also need to work with the wider psychology of human thinking and behaviour.

Working with finance teams in health, travel and global conservation, I enjoy talking and teaching on what it takes for numbers to be understood and applied effectively in strategic planning, organisational decision-making and policy development.

The 7 communication and decision-making disciplines
for finance and research professionals to master

Ross's Articles

A healthy comparison?
This page from a Tesco report prompts a few things for us to think about in relation to designing such graphics. First, the use of 'most' and 'least' comparisons can be very powerful if used properly...
Good or bad? I can't tell the difference.
You don't have to read many operational or financial reports before you discover the frequent use of red and green circles to signal how things are going for a particular metric. Like in this integrated dashboard...
Question the question
“How am I to get in?” asked Alice again, in a louder tone. “Are you to get in at all?” said the Footman, “That’s the first question, you know.” [from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland] Do you stop to think if you are asking the...
What we really need to worry about
Numbers help shift beliefs. Sometimes it happens instantly. Sometimes it takes longer. At the very least, a powerful set of numbers can get us to explore the basic assumptions we hold....
Why aren’t they listening?
Don’t you hate it when people don’t listen. You tell them something, something you think is important, and a few days later they’ve forgotten. A CFO complained to me last week that...


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