Client Quotes

We work across a range of sectors, from A to H (not quite a to z):

  • A to B – transportation
  • Conservation; Commerce…to charities
  • Design; Development agencies
  • Education
  • Fashion, Finance
  • Health

Our success depends on clients being delighted by what we can do for them.

Here are some of things they have had to say about us.

"The work that we did with you earlier in the year, both on our own as an exec and in conjunction with the senior team, really seemed to have paid dividends."

"You have really changed the way that I work with facilitators and expect them to use positive problem-solving approaches that can engage whole teams. You may have set the bar a little high for others."

"The event has had a very positive impact, and the team are very pleased to have come away with five excellent new initiatives (as well as having had an enjoyable and thought-provoking day)."

"The workshop on Knowledge Management was well designed and superbly facilitated by idenk. Their innovative use of technology was impressive & the delivery of a comprehensive write up within 24 hours was particularly impressive."

"This facilitation experience was different - it was focussed, proactive and well thought through with an extremely rapid and comprehensive turnaround time for the output."

"idenk is ingeniously creative in recalibrating difficulty."

"I totally believe in idenk support during the early stages of reviews and other new work. It clearly identifies areas of stakeholder consensus and divergence before an agreed project plan is created. It certainly creates positive group dynamics which are really useful at the induction stage."

"Working with idenk has had an impact not just on our thinking but on the way we relate to each other and approach other issues as they arise. Idenk’s approach, with a focus on logic and outcomes and balancing the people and values side with this focus was really helpful.”

"The best management development programme I have ever been no you didn’t oversell it!"

"May I say thanks very much again to the team, you have all been brilliant."

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