Are you eFical? Something Scandi style might help

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Three business sectors have a massive impact on the sustainability of our world. There is a burgeoning demand for the products from all three, as the global economy grows and societies develop. They make our lives better.  But the choices made in servicing and using these three industries are massively responsible for the environmental and social footprint of our lives.

Fortunately, for me at least, all begin with F:

Food – how we ensure we are nourished for life.  And how we demonstrate out concerns and taste(s);
Furnishing – how we create a comfortable home.  And how far we work to keep up with the latest design and trends;
Fashion – how we clothe ourselves for warmth and shelter. How we signal our personality.

All three sectors are ripe for the improvements that come from innovating to support the 6Rs outlined in my last blog.

When hosting recent industry events I have been struck how colleagues are keen to learn from each other across the boundaries between these different worlds.

I am on the lookout for innovations that help. What do you see?

These might be in the industries themselves.

Or in the adjacent sectors, such as the application of leading edge coding to create services and support to inform more transparent and sustainable choices.

On in the way that people from these sectors relate: how they work and learn together.

Funkis, in Sweden, is an ambitious attempt to bring all three together in a creative, inspiring way. Have a look.

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