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‘On-Trend’ is on-trend

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Phrases: put it out there, reach out, super, on-trend

Foods et al: from sourdough to the, now, ubiquitous flat white (remember this from 2011) – though some in California are still struggling…the Antipodean approach to beer is pretty big in the UK craft scene too.

Fads at work: Alignment, Momentum, Pecha Kucha, unconference, compassion, stories, conversations  etc. (I hold my hands up).

And do you recall the speed of some fads, for example.

Thoughts on what next?


The perspective of the rear view mirror…

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Getting on for 10 years ago I had an idea.

Blogging + Photos = Photos to Make you think (PTMYT).

This was before shifts in technology were heralded with the iPhone…

So then it became…

Blog + Photos + Smartphone = BOOM …you know the ‘social’ answer…Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

And the reason for sharing this?

Not for how I missed my calling as a social media billionaire…

Rather, I am not a fan of ‘icebreakers’.

However, in many events, for many years, I note how groups have found it energising (or at least cathartic) to a start with this ‘setting the scene’ exercise:
1. In pairs
2. What has happened (over the last x years, or in y sector) that has surprised you?
3. What was predicted (assumed or widely anticipated) that has not come to pass?
4. Shout out some of the most striking (and surprising!) findings
5. Capture to screen

This is a method that works very well in a strategy retreat or scenario workshop.

And it works well in many team development, service improvement and conflict resolution situations too.

Ps If you have read this far, then this year old blog on ‘pictures’, might interest you.

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Are you involved or committed?

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Do you know the fable of breakfast – from the point of view of the chicken and the pig? There is lots about it online these days – as an analogy for thinking about engagement in change.

Wikipedia summarises the basic tale as a riddle.
“Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what’s the difference between the Chicken and the Pig?
Answer: The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!”

I was working with an international group recently where a number didn’t eat pork and others avoid eating meat. But they liked the metaphor when someone mentioned it.

So we had a go at finding other metaphors for the basic idea.

Where did we get to?

“What is the difference between the key ingredients in a cheese salad ? The lettuce is committed and the cow involved”.

Now to find a vegan version…

NB Disclaimer – no animals (or vegetables) were harmed in making this blog


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