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Getting on for 10 years ago I had an idea.

Blogging + Photos = Photos to Make you think (PTMYT).

This was before shifts in technology were heralded with the iPhone…

So then it became…

Blog + Photos + Smartphone = BOOM …you know the ‘social’ answer…Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

And the reason for sharing this?

Not for how I missed my calling as a social media billionaire…

Rather, I am not a fan of ‘icebreakers’.

However, in many events, for many years, I note how groups have found it energising (or at least cathartic) to a start with this ‘setting the scene’ exercise:
1. In pairs
2. What has happened (over the last x years, or in y sector) that has surprised you?
3. What was predicted (assumed or widely anticipated) that has not come to pass?
4. Shout out some of the most striking (and surprising!) findings
5. Capture to screen

This is a method that works very well in a strategy retreat or scenario workshop.

And it works well in many team development, service improvement and conflict resolution situations too.

Ps If you have read this far, then this year old blog on ‘pictures’, might interest you.

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