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Obscuring changes the picture

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Kings Cross 4/3/10

The work on Kings Cross station carries on apace.

A bit of covering and suddenly a different view – radically so in certain lights!

What we obscure matters.

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The ubiquitous Post-It

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phone 24 Feb 2010 020

The Post-It is everywhere (here in a hip converted factory as part of the Shoreditch House private members club in east London).

Yet its ubiquity, as a tool for facilitation and managing the thinking at meetings, means that it is no longer a fresh way to work in many contexts.  It sometimes attracts opprobrium. Increasingly so.

We have a pad of post-its with the words “oh no, not another learning experience” printed on the top of each!

Yet, the alternative stuffy Boardroom-style meeting is tolerated despite its low utility.


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Photos To Make You Think

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We hope you enjoy these photos.

Each gives something to think about.

Click on them to see our comments.

More photos can be seen here >>



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