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In our last blog we started to explore one of the many tools that help us consider the ways we can differ, Myers Briggs.  Along with Belbin (on team roles), Strengths Finder (the Gallup version) and Thomas Kilman (on conflict) we use this framework a lot. As well as sometimes doing the ‘full MBTI monty’, we often use the framework as a checklist in thinking about how to best design a workshop for different learning styles and personal preferences. For example, are there times for individual thought and quiet reflection? What is the degree of structure to the programme and what is the space for spontaneity? We also use it as a mirror to check a group is working holistically in its decision making: are they considering the detail, as well as the big picture? What sort of factors are used to help decide (logic, intuition, analytical, people based)?

By the way, if you would like to work through your personal MBTI, please let us know in reply to this email and we will be delighted to help – any requests in direct response to this email will be totally complementary.


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