Irresponsible or what?

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Our June business briefing has proved popular.  What about this for a case study in responsibility.

Waiting at café for meeting.

A guy takes his gum from his mouth and throws it to the ground.

He goes inside.

He is young.

With a hoodie.

Is he hard?

But he has a Waterstone’s bookstore bag?

Is it his?

Does it have a book in it?

What sort of book?

Jeremy Clarkson?

Something by Wittgenstein?

Options – we like the work of John Heron and use his 6 ways of intervening on our coaching cards (which we can provide if you want one).

In this situation some of the main ways of responding include ignoring it through to confronting the person.

When confronting, trying to get the balance right is important. Not pussyfooting (can I find a bin for you) or clobbering (what do you think you are doing), but achieving the correct balance on the tightrope between those two extremes (excuse me, I think you may have dropped something).


By the way, is the inactive observer just as irresponsible?

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