Is your team on the Front Foot?

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Of all the things we have thought and published, the piece that clients most repeat back to us is our reflection on The Front Foot Organisation. This framework and tools informs much of our work today, from talks and training to team development and top team time outs.

Is the group you work with most often on the ‘Front Foot’? Are you on the Front Foot (at home or work)?

Have a go at this simple ‘Cosmo-style’ test. Please answer the questions, and give 2 points for ‘totally’, 1 for ‘sort of’ and 0 for ‘no’:

Inspired in DIRECTION:

a) Your team (and organisation) are fully aligned behind a compelling strategy

b) You consider future uncertainties: you are confident of your ability to respond to whatever might happen in flexible and thorough ways

MOMENTUM for implementation:

c) You manage to overcome any inertia by promoting rapid trialling of new ideas, encouraging each other and moving forward fast with things that work

d) You take time to review the lessons you are learning and ensure they are used to guide your next steps

Successful CO-ORDINATION in team working:

e) You explore differences of opinion well, working through conflict to build a focus on shared results

f) You look forward to team meetings as a highly productive part of the working week

BALANCE in individual working lives:

g) You achieve a balance between home and work – and between time to work on your own, and in groups

h) The mood of the team or organisation is positive, tackling any ‘toxic’ behaviours

How did you do? Out of 16? [You can multiply by 6.25 to get at % score (if that is your sort of thing).]

Starting in 2013 we will run a survey to help leaders assess how far their teams and organisations are on the front foot? It will be based on this tried and tested model – and the 6 years of baseline data we have from its use with hundreds of clients.


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