Max Mix Mobs for Meaningful Meetings

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Following our last blog on planning perfect events, how far do you use a design team to help shape important sessions? We find them invaluable, especially when they represent a diversity of perspectives: senior, junior, different functions, enthusiasts…and also cynics. Their role is to work in the space between what is ‘pre-ordained’ by the sponsoring leader and make the best recommendations or decisions to improve the experience of the group that will meet in the venue (or online space) that has been chosen.

A great way to start the planning process with this sort of ‘max mix’ group is to ask: what are the best meetings we have ever been to and why; if this meeting goes well what will happen; if it fails miserably why might that be? If you are planning an event for a group that has regular meetings, it is worth reviewing the last or previous meetings with the After Action Review or the six thinking hats (page 15 here). Then you can carry on working through the 13Ps…


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