Planes, Trains etc = Happy Thanksgiving

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At this time of economic anxiety and woe, there are still, in the words of Ian Dury, reasons to be cheerful.

Recalling the seminal John Candy and Steve Martin film “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, yesterday, on Thanksgiving eve, I travelled back from a client event and in just over 10 hours travelled by

– Taxi

– Train

– Underground

– Plane (two)

– Bus

– Car

I needed to manage a tram and ferry to travel by pretty much every sort of public transport!

The reason to be cheerful?  

Unlike the film, how smoothly everything went – other than one escalator and one lift failure.  I even managed to board an earlier plane for my second leg from Frankfurt airport.

It is easy to forget just how much goes right in the modern world, for those of us with more than minimal resources and who live in stable, developed counties.

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