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The CSR buckets – using your head, heart and hands

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Broadly, there are 3 corporate social responsibilty ‘buckets’ that companies tend to invest their social concern into:

1. Climate

2. Bio-diversity

3. Human health and well-being (that includes the position of women, education/literacy, food security, infrastructure and fair trade as well as health, housing and education).

These buckets can be summarised as addressing carbon, flora/fauna or people.

And overall there are three sorts of ways companies can contribute to these areas:

1. Gifts to particular charities and projects, often close to the personal interest of certain company leaders

2. Founding social enterprises, often in partnership with others

3. Integrating their concerns into all decisions – trying to influence the DNA of the organisation. 

So, we have a sort of 3×3 grid.

Where is your heart (which of the 3 buckets motivates you the most)? 

What do you want your practical actions (hands) to be?

The challenge is to use your head to make that ‘what and where’ a success!

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