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You don’t know everything Horatio!

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As a caution whenever we are tempted to get overcertain (a key risk in strategy work – hence the benefits of scenario planning), this line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is worth remembering:

“There are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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Get onto the front foot: four things to try out with your team (#2 – Momentum)

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The second part of our Front Foot framework is about Momentum.

When we ask teams to consider how they can create momentum around what they are trying to achieve, we find the ABC method works well:

A is for accelerate – what can be sped up?

B is for brake – what needs to be stopped?

C is for create – what should be started?

This is a simple but very powerful technique  – we have a poster template you can use for this.

Tomorrow?  Co-ordination.

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Get help with the puzzle

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The clue for 16 down in the crossword was “Old man’s weapon that’s needed to get into base”. Eight letters.

I’d thought hard about this for quite a time but couldn’t get the answer.

Then my wife took a look and saw it straight away.

It helps to have someone else take a fresh look at your problems. They see things differently and bring their own ideas and possible solutions.

If you struggling with a challenge at work, why not ask a colleague today to have a look at it with you? It might help you solve the puzzle.


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