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It is the night before Thanksgiving (OK, this is written in London, but hang on in there)…

Getting a mini-cab in London…the car arrives.  A Prius with tinted windows – and well cared for.  The nicest mini-cab I have seen.

The driver is friendly.  Happy.

In conversation he shares his story…in 2001, he travels illegally from Afghanistan to Sangatte.  He climbs under a lorry and hangs on as it loads on and off Le Tunnel.  He shudders now to think of what would have happened if the lorry had been waved on to the M20 instead of being inspected by Customs and Excise.  He asks for asylum, and years later it is granted.  He now loves to travel – in and out of England on Eurostar – upstairs!  He loves the UK – he is so grateful for his chance.  He doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t appreciate what we have.  He wants to settle down and become fully English – living in the country, with a local wife.

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