The importance of layout (and seating!)

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This interesting piece on symbolism and impact of the different training room layouts in a number of GP practices got me thinking about the range of set ups I like in the events I run:

1. Flexible theatre – that can be moved to allow for small groups, standing tasks

2. Circle of chairs only – that emphasises vulnerability but is often not popular as “there is nowhere to put stuff”

3. Herringbone or fan with square tables

4. Café – a small version of the ubiquitous cabaret

5. Open U – I am coming back to this (with a gap in the middle often)

6. etc.

But do you know what, in all, the quality of the seat matters more than ever normally considered. There are 101 things to do with a room, (any room), so it is functional for the task (and fresh in some way too), but good chairs are much harder to change at the last minute. How often do you choose a meeting space based on chair quality?

When thinking of a fresh, functional format maybe this venue checklist from 2007 will help.

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