The Spectrum?

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There is a spectrum of business models.

From the noble purpose – to those with a purely commercial mission.

And there are some – maybe plenty – in the middle
– The CSR team in an investment bank
– Those looking to source ‘fairtrade’ raw materials for a fashion brand
– The bar staff in a live music pub
– The projectionists in an arts cinema
– The research team in a pharmaceutical company
– The human rights experts in a city legal firm
– The procurement specialists in a government department
– The team managing the endowment of a charity.

So maybe the spectrum it actually more of a Venn diagram. As a starter for 10, which Cambridge College has a stained glass Venn Diagram – and why? See here.

[Btw, a colleague extends this spectrum from noble through commercial to ‘vile purpose’. Depending on your politics that new end to the spectrum could include all capitalist enterprise or ‘merely’ tobacco or arms companies…or drug cartels, human traffickers, terrorist cells)


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