Top Tips to Transform Team Working…#3

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What are the most important words in any team interaction?

IDK are the initials. “I don’t know”? That’s it!

Owning up to what isn’t known, what isn’t right, what has been done wrong gets the team working going on the right track. The spirit of vulnerability between team members builds the trust necessary for great group working.

So we have the first three of the idenk checklist of signs for great team work:

1.Continuously improve: Seize problems + curiosity = progress

2.Make time: to get the personal productivity habit… so you have time to think, for email, to meet 1:1, to meet as group, to do great work…

3.Be prepared to be a bit vulnerable: “I don’t know”; “sorry”; “I got that wrong”

Please email by return if you would like the other 7 in the list – or a bit more on these 3 (including some video clips from a 1 hour talk that brought ‘the 10’ to life with stories and examples).

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