Watching for you team mates?

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I ran the local Chariots of Fire race earlier this week – as part of two teams of neighbours.

I enjoy running now – as a way of getting out and about, from a brisk way to start the day on a cold winter morning at home to a means of seeing somewhere at dawn where I am staying when working away.

When at school I couldn’t quite get the hang of it: I would start fast, and run out of steam, with a stitch after a few hundred metres. I ended up getting to a point where I thought “I can’t run”.

A few things got me going with, and enjoying, running in midlife – things that illustrate some of the Front Foot principles (such as personal goals and persistence) –and especially the importance of other people and practice in helping us on our way:
1) A mate who encouraged me – and pointed out I should calculate and not exceed a certain heart rate if I wanted to be able to keep going
2) Personal practice – getting my technique (breathing and stride) right, informed partly by the book “Born to Run”
3) Team spirit – this was key in a competitive race, that I would never have tried a few years ago.

The importance of the team (co-ordination in the front foot framework) was bought home to me when I was waiting in the pack of other runners to pick up the baton for the second leg from my team mate. A very fast, veteran runner arrived early, but couldn’t find his team member. His desperation as he walked up and down the sea of expectant faces was palpable – as he, with increasing panic and frustration, called for his team number. Eventually (after a good minute) they found each other. The relief (and irritation) was evident. As a team they still did well (much better than us!) – but I can imagine they didn’t enjoy the post race reflection quite as much as we did.

Who do you need to watch out for today? Who could you encourage? What do you need to work to perfect yourself?


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