Why roofs?

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A few reasons for the recent interest in roofs in these blogs…

1) As we go into 2013, are you running your life at the right speed for you personally?

2) What design and ideas can you get for deciding how much speed or friction you can face, such as this . We have a pack of materials we can share if you want too – let us know.

3) How can you make things smoother, simpler where necessary – applying the ideas of lean as well as personal productivity.

4) What are you keen to protect and preserve in your life? What outside elements are you trying to keep out?

5) In your conversation, does the chat move at the right speed – or too fast or tediously slow? How are you helping or getting in the way of the right speed – with curious questions, clever interjections or bored indifference?

6) Other? Please let us know any other connections you have made to this metaphor.


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