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What is in a word?

We love the use of the word ‘awesome’ in Australia – we really do.

And might see Axis of Awesome  in Edinburgh this weekend with some Australian friends.

Very cool. Very hip…bad, wicked, sick…


Now we are six…

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Idenk is 6 years old this month…

So 6 online things – maybe lessons or refreshers

2 popular blogs: learning from events  and thinking through options for action

2 business briefings that people like: on organisational purpose and planning meetings

And a couple of older best bits (we are told) from our web site: on ‘being your own consultant’  and getting desired behaviours into practice.


Overcoming thinking traps

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As you (might) know we are interested in thinking (‘denk’ being think in Dutch).  In lots of our work – such as scenario planning, personal transition, team development – we support individuals and groups to think about things like the implication of future trends and assumptions for the organisation, immediate personal reactions to change, performance in team working, etc.

We like this piece on five thinking traps – and solutions. It links to many of the techniques (good questions, six thinking hats, scenario methods, structured thinking, polarity management, etc.) we know people find helpful.


Do you know the GFC?

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In some parts of the world everyone talks about GFC.

Do you know the abbreviation?

You may not, but you certainly know it by another name.


How casual?

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At our events we are often asked to recommend a dress code. Sometimes we go for “dress as you feel comfortable”.  We do this to try (not always successfully) to avoid the confusion of other codes.

Do you know the difference between all of these (that we have seen over the last few weeks): casual, business casual, smart casual, elegant casual –let alone business and formal?

One of us was caught out recently with business casual – not realising it meant for that group, a sharp suit and good shirt (minus the tie).

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Being certain?

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What can we be totally confident in?

Donald Rumsfeld attracted significant interest and mocking for his (philosophically accurate) musings 10 years ago.

But even working out where is farthest from the sea in England is tricky.

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Looking at you…or me

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If one of the downsides of mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberries is to make quick responses to emails a bit slower, one thing we notice is what we call Skype Syndrome – the phenomenon where the incredible achievement of global video calls from phone to phone, pc to phone or pc to pc are potentially side tracked by an old issue. Possibility vanity or narcissism …or merely checking on our body language.

The issue?  Watching ourselves and not the person we are virtually (and magically) linked with.

Probably an unexpected consequence, and one that requires discipline to ignore, the ‘mirror’ when you are there on the screen too!


A lesson from/for Ed

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A few weeks back

A commentator

In the Guardian

Or was it the FT

Or the Sun


The message?

No opposition politician has even been elected whilst being more pessimistic and less hopeful for the future that the incumbent.

A lesson for Ed Milliband?

Definitely a lesson for leaders everywhere – stories of hope are needed as much, and probably more, than tales of ‘burning platforms’


Words to come

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In our festive Business Briefing, we asked what words and phrases colleagues were struck by this year. Some of the answers were posted in our first briefing of 2012 on happiness.

Some others from 2011 we have received include: kind and kindness; wise and wisdom; decision loom and decision weaving ; epistemic awareness – and kitsch.

I am listening now in a new way…

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Will the real Richard Branson please stand up

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A powerful contrast in these two pieces….a positive and negative take on Richard Branson both from The Guardian, over one week:

This vrs this.

Where does the ‘truth’ lie?

How can we know?

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