Conflict, is it in your head or heart?

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Here are two key ideas on conflict:

1) Whilst it is a feature which can feel uncomfortable in teams and relationships, it is actually a good thing, useful in generating ideas and refining the way forward

2) It can scare and paralyse – maybe because we know it can lead to long term harm.

This dilemma or polarity is the trickiest thing to manage – and contains a conflict in itself.

There is lots on line about conflict and how to approach and manage it.  

One useful idea is the difference between cognitive and affective conflict.   This is simply either looking in on an issue and analysing it dispassionately in comparison to being totally wrapped up in the emotions and the moment. In short taking an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) based approach.

One tried and trusted method we find that is useful with groups is use of de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. If you don’t know have a look on YouTube and Wikipedia. It is simple – and powerful.  [But, ironically, it is possible to have conflict about the effort and discipline it takes to practice this craft!]


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