Fashions in measurement

Think No Comments

For a while now we have been interested in (and supporters of), “The Net Promoter Score”  as an indicator of customer views – and also the likely success of an enterprise.  You can see some of our ideas applied to health care half way down this 4 year old Business Briefing  on the trickiness in gauging satisfaction with the NHS.  And this year the Government outlined its plans to roll out the so called ‘friends and family test’.

So why this piece…just as some organisations are getting into this sort of metric, others are moving out. Tripadvisor seems to have stopped collecting and publishing the ‘would you recommend’ question.  And we know Facebook asks only about ‘liking’.

If we believe Goodhart’s law, there are good reasons to be very wary of measures – for when they become goals they are open to (possibly unconscious) gaming.

Commerce and Public services beware.  We are all only (actually) human after all.


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