What have the Romans done?

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The Olympics are over (with the Paralympics to come – which I am very excited to be going to see in the main stadium).

There were great performances from many countries.  Even before ‘Always look on the bright side’ in the closing ceremony, we couldn’t help recalling the opening ceremony and how it triggered memories of The Monty Python sketch from Life of Brian.

What have the Brits ever done for us…

Whilst it ignored imperialism, the ceremony claimed:

The industrial revolution

The welfare state

The World wide web (much to the surprise of the Americans)

Confident humour

Leading music

As Gary Lineker summed it up: “Barmy, bonkers, British, Bold – Bravo Mr Boyle”

Keeping all this in mind for what might be a difficult next 12 months, could be useful – celebrating what is good as a platform for hard times ahead for many, after the summer and the forthcoming buzz of the Paralympics.

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