Lessons from…U2!

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I have just finished watching a recorded documentary on U2 prior to their Glastonbury performance this year.  There were a number of strong themes that I hadn’t expected – and that link to ideas around front foot teams!

In 1990 when they went to Berlin to try and re-invent their act, things were hard, but

a) They stuck with it – risking losing what they had to make the journey to the next phase

b) They were honest with each other – about their individual as well as shared struggles

c) They cared for each other – “if one person is unhappy we need to care for them until they are happy again, otherwise we are not, as it says, a band” …  we lift the one who is struggling, up”

d) They have been hugely loyal over the years to the wider team of engineers, producers, designers – giving others a chance to develop and grow, and drawing on their skills too.

Inspiration from an unlikely quarter!


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