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Whilst there can be disillusionment and burnout and pain in Noble Purpose Organisations, I have had two conversations just this week that illustrate the potential, the upsides too.

One friend has recently joined a national mental health charity. She is hugely impressed with the systems and procedures so everyone knows what is expected of them. Some of the features she has experienced in other NPO jobs (eg ignored poor performance, erratic sickness leave) are clearly checked. She is happy, and reports her colleagues are, despite their pressured jobs.

I met someone else a couple of days ago. A nurse, nearing 60, working part time on a busy ward in a teaching hospital. She is independently wealthy and has many other interets, but is not planning to retire. Why? She loves the work and the patients (the purpose). And critically, I think, because she has fantastic colleagues on the same ward every time. They support each other to do the right thing in frequently trying circumstances.

This links to the “NPO A list” (see next time).

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