The wheel of (good?) fortune

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We have a range of assessments that we do in advance of a development workshop – or on arrival. This one exploring team or organisational culture has been used with well over 1000 people since we started using it 5 years ago. We have results from teams in commerce and education, health and charities, in the UK and abroad.

There are some familiar patterns when reviewing the results from all the assessments. First, many groups rate themselves highly on their sociability or drive to get things done. However:

1) The quality of meetings regularly comes out low.

2) Living and reinforcing the values is often a challenge too.

These are two dimensions that get to the deeper levels of relationship and performance – beyond the fire fighting culture and the desire to get on with each other that many people report.

There are a couple of things we offer to help better meetings from DIY effort to developmental help .

And our values in practice paper continues to be popular .


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