Weed it out or let it blossom?

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It’s that gardening time of year.  Depending on your level of expertise, it can be hard to distinguish a plant you want to keep from a weed you want to get rid of.

And depending on the garden design, cultural norms and personal preferences, it is possible to categorise a plant one way or the other.  The Rhododendron or Russian Vine can be loved or loathed in different parts of the world and different gardens.

Is this a prickly weed where it shouldn’t be? Or a prized species that will flower to delight all who see it?


Before cutting something down or pulling it out, being clear on what is of value is important.

What creative ideas could you hold onto before casting them aside?  It took a while for the ineffectual glue that became essential for the Post-It Note to be appreciated.

PS it’s Berkheya purpurea, native of southern africa and growing happily in Cambridgeshire.

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