WITOS: The lens (and examples) of perspective

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This is the fourth blog in my series on perspectives (well actually the fifth if you include this one from a couple of weeks ago).

Are you fascinated by different perspectives?

Do you share my joy in trying to see things differently?

Like me are you keen to try to get less frustrated by a different angle or point of view?

Discipline is important. WITOS is a helpful tool. It helps us see both sides

What Is The Other Side…

Are these following examples useful provocations and lessons? Let’s have a look through the lens of perspective

Whistle-blowers? Trouble-makers protecting their interests or self-sacrificial saints? Discuss?

The Taliban? Our foe or a fiction.

Are you with the pious cyclist? Ringing their bell, assuming right of way, making a woman and cyclist coming the other way retreat and retract. Or the woman on her bike virtuously manoeuvring to the right hand side of a one way street to force an oncoming cyclist coming the other (wrong) way to mound the pavement.

Looking at the excellent, perspective provoking mini exhibition on German WW1 medals at The British Museum, I was reminded of the British Library show’ on propaganda. Both demand a consideration of other points of view.

Like me do you delight in the surprising success of the Cambridge guided bus way despite the complaints? Every time is see a packed vehicle it reminds me how it has questioned my assumptions from 5 years ago.

Do you like to play ‘The Devils Advocate’? In a way WITOS invites that. The play and film The History Boys revolves around the training the lads get to think about unusual perspectives. Have a look online for quotes from the story – some great inspiration there.

Do you see ingredients past their best as a waste or inpsiration for a new dish. Some well overripe tomatoes and a soft rind cheese beyond its best helped make a brilliant potato gratin last weekend.

Is the middle or the top of The Shard the best view? Is higher better – as the sense of perspective from lower down fades…Try the test on the Eiffel Tower – or The Petronas Tower vs. the Traders hotel bar looking onto the view.

WITOS on a plane…reading as many papers from around the world as I can fit into one flight…and getting surprised, for example in The Daily Mail.

Was the latter work of Matisse the mess of an old man or infirmity inspired innovation? what do you think of The Cut Outs? Personally, I like the emphasis on prototyping – and the way it forced the attempting of something new.

And in gardening, are you 100% confident on what is a weed or plant?

And finally…Do you like the original or later version of Both Sides Now, by Joni Mitchell!?

Both Sides Now – WITOS – enjoy the journey.


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